Prayer Ministry Areas

Chapel Prayer Team:
Pray with a trained prayer partner following Sunday Worship in the Chapel.

What is a Chapel Prayer Host?
A person who listens and prays with someone who has a concern. 10 minute training session for new persons. Confidential. Serve once every two months.
For more information and to join the Chapel Prayer Team contact Jim Stuck and Fran Russell.

Prayer Team:
This team provides support through prayer. Prayer requests are filled out and given to the team. Interested in joining the prayer team? Contact Judy Godfrey.

Meal Ministry:
Meals delivered for a period of time to provide support after a birth or death or during an illness or other challenging times. For more information contact Marcie Krop.

Pet Ministry:
One time or recurring visits with one of our friendly dogs and their owner. Contact Shelbi Gabbard to find out more about this ministry.